AGRIKON KAM Kft. has chosen Creaform HandyPROBE


These days highest possible quality is inevitable to the success. Consequently, machine industry suppliers face more and more rigorous requirements and quality specifications. To stay competitive, suppliers require modern metrology solutions where the produced parts can reliably accomplish the expectations.

Recently, our team had the opportunity for a peek into the production processes of AGRIKON KAM Kft where we gained first-hand experience how cutting-edge metrology helps production to be effective and top-quality. In this interview we asked Pál Velkey, General Manager and Boda Csaba, Quality Controller about the market situation of their company and the technologies they use.


CNCMedia: Where has AGRIKON KAM Kft. started and what should we know about the company?

Pál Velkey: AGRIKON KAM Kft. came into being in the early 90’s, when in 1993 the Kecskemét based Mezőgép was privatized, and since then operates with Hungarian majority ownership. Our main profile is production of cabs for various vehicles. Just like its predecessor, AGRIKON KAM Kft. has always been focusing on export, which makes up 70-80% of its entire production. In the good old days we started with Csepel trucks and since the 70’s we have been supplying cabs for Claas harvesters. Our yearly revenue is 7 billion HUF and we realize more than 15% growth yearly.

CNCMedia: What is the secret of this remarkable expansion?

Pál Velkey: After the 2009 economic recession we have kept the cab production division but started to discover new markets and I can say we have managed to build a wide and versatile clientele. Thanks to this we produce cabs for tractors, various excavators and building machines, asphalt rollers as well as street cleaner vehicles nowadays. Our most prestigious clients include Liebherr, Caterpillar, Kramer and Terex and we have just started two projects with JLG, an American-Belgian joint venture.

CNCMedia: What sort of changes have you faced in the company development during the client acquisition?

Pál Velkey: At AGRIKON we always adjust our technologies to our clients’ requirements. In our old and newer markets it is equally essential to live up to the quality expectations of the customers. We certainly feel that the quality requirements are rising continuously, what is more, our market segment is taking over the stringent standards of the automotive industry. It is simply inevitable to have the proper metrology solutions.

CNCMedia: What exactly does proper metrology mean to AGRIKON?

Csaba Bodor: Due to the main profile of our company we need to carry out measurements in a huge range, from the small parts with mm dimensions to the assembled cabs and complex welded structures with m dimensions. For this purpose we were searching for a solution that is easy and fast to operate, can be deployed directly on the shop floor without building a separate measurement room. Having considered all the possibilities we chose the Creaform HandyPROBE optical measurement system, from which we have procured two units by now.

CNCMedia: Comparing to the concurrent systems, what advantages does HandyPROBE offer?

Csaba Bodor: HandyPROBE is an innovative dual camera optical measurement system that eliminates the disadvantages of the probes and their physical connections and is therefore able to carry out any measurement tasks quick and easy. Thanks to the dynamic reference, both the camera and the workpiece can be moved without recalibration during the measurement process, which in turn shortens the measurement time considerably. In our business it is a huge advantage that we can move the system freely and walk around the long welded structures without any restrictions, contrary to the stationary devices.

CNCMedia: How did the migration to the new HandyPROBE system go?

Csaba Bodor: We mastered the handling of the new device in little time and since HandyPROBE is much more flexible than our previous coordinate measuring machine, we got accustomed to it really easily. As the saying goes, it’s easy to get used to the good things. Now we have been using the new system with total satisfaction for nearly two years.


Source: CNC Media



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